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Reveal the power of your engineering culture

Create real-time dashboards of your company's tech environment in minutes. Share them easily with your candidates.

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Make it easier to interact with candidates

The tool you need to leverage your tech culture. Build candidate confidence. Catalyze your discussions, based on a tech approach.

Designed for tech talents

Capture their attention. Give them a taste of their future work environment. Let them understand why and how they will grow and learn.

Strengthen your employer brand

Be transparent with an innovative way to differentiate your approach to recruiting and shed light on your tech culture.

Focus on what matters

Arouse your candidates' curiosity by being open about your engineering culture. Your candidates will be eager to know more about a new position.

What will your candidates be able to explore with Piga?

Answer in a transparent way the questions tech talents have about their future job.

Meet the team

Introduce your candidates to their future colleagues by highlighting their profiles and roles within the team. Including information such as their job titles, areas of expertise, social media and any notable accomplishments or achievements.

Tech stack

Provide a transparent overview of the technical tools and frameworks that the team uses on a daily basis. Let your candidates get a sense of their future work environment.

Current projects

Share the latest public contributions of your team and some of the exciting projects that they are currently working on. Including new features or products being developed, challenges or interesting problems that the team is tackling or watching.

Team analytics

Share some metrics that demonstrate the team's productivity, effectivenesss and way of working. Including number of commits, bugs fixed or the speed at which new features are delivered, without revealing any sensitive or confidential information.

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Take your recruitment to a new level by providing visibility of your tech culture.

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